Performance fan with 30mm steel frame and reverse blade


A New Force

FP2 is a versatile performance fan suitable for both radiators and cases. Its 30mm design outperforms ordinary 25mm fans by 30-50%. The fan is encased in a premium steel plate frame and includes a reverse flow blade to let you customize your airflow direction.


Superior Cooling Performance

FP2’s 30mm thickness is not just for show – it’s all about performance. Enjoy a significant boost in cooling power with larger fan blades compared to standard 25mm fans.

30 mm
Steel Frame

30-50 %
Better Performance

More Efficient AirFlow

FP2 has impressive airflow and air pressure with lower RPM.

83.9 CFM

3.49 H2O/mm
Air Pressure

500-1800 RPM

Reverse Flow Blade Included

Change the airflow direction according to your preferences with FP2’s quick and easy blade installation mechanics.

Customize Your Airflow

Enjoy an extra reverse flow fan blade which lets you change airflow direction while maintaining the sleek look and reliable performance of the main blade.

79.4 CFM

2.89 mmH2O
Air Pressure


Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Industrial lubricant reduces friction between rotating components, enabling smoother and quieter fan operation while increasing its lifespan.

Jaw-Dropping Aesthetics with ARGB

The elegant frame of FP2 and the ARGB lightshow encased inside promise to complement any build. In addition, you have the power to turn the lighting on or off.

Cool Metallic Looks

The black or white steel frame of FP2 lends a premium feel to your PC as well as improving durability and strength.

Fits Like a Glove

FP2’s recessed frame design reduces its height by 3mm on liquid cooling radiators, making it ideal for space-saving installations.

Ultra Thick Shock-Absorbing Pad

Stability matters, and we’ve got you covered. Each APNX FP2 fan comes with an ultra thick shock-absorbing pad so your fan stays securely in place.


Specifications & Downloads

Model FP2-120 PWM ARGB
Fan Dimensions (L x W x H) 120mm*120mm*30mm
Fan Speed PWM 500-1800 rpm
Fan Starting Voltage 5V
Rated Voltage 12V
Rated Current 0.4 A
Power Consumption 4.8 W
Connector Type PWM 4pin+ARGB 5V 3pin
Air Pressure 3.49 mmH2O
Air Flow 83.87 CFM
Fan Noise Level 34.8 dBA
Bearing Type FDB Bearing
MTBF 100000 hrs